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9 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Wedding

Common Wedding Mistakes to Avoid

9 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Wedding

So you’ve recently become engaged? Or even just have a feeling your partner may ask you soon. Exciting right? Your wedding has potential to be the best day of your new lives – surrounded by family, friends, good food and wine. What more could you want!

We also know the struggles that come with planning a wedding. The amount of information out there is astonishing and it’s hard to know where to start. As one of Auckland’s premium and long-standing wedding venues, we’ve seen it all. So let us give you our top 10 tips or things we often hear from our guests, to avoid as you plan your special day.

Limit Your Venue Viewings

Chances are you’ll want to get through and visit as many venues as possible. Obviously you’ll wan’t to get the feel of your wedding venue before spending thousands of dollars, so we understand this may feel like a necessity. That said, it should be relatively simple to get your shortlist down to no more than five venues. Instead of viewing dozens of venues around the city, figure out exactly what it is you and partner want in a venue. You should also be able to further cancel out many venues based on limitations of the venue, such as availability, cost, guest capacity, cuisine limitations and so on. Don’t make planning your wedding harder than it has to be – if a venue doesn’t look like something you and your partner want on the website, then don’t waste your time going to view it.

Skimping on Vendors or Using Friends

Do you have a friend that continually insists he DJ’ed in high school? Or another insisting she’s an expert Instagramer with thousands of followers. Our only advice here is tread carefully. This doesn’t mean they’ll make great wedding DJ’s, or a professional photographer. If you’re worried about budget, it’s still best to go with a professional on your big day, especially on things as important as music, food and photos. Equally as important – you don’t want your friends having to work. Get them on the dance floor instead!

Sending Out the Invites Too Early

Figuring out which members of your friends and family to invite can be tricky – and sending them out too early can often be a mistake. New friends can often fall by the way side, or rifts may occur between existing friends. Especially when it’s not uncommon for some invites to be sent a year in advance. We know it’s exciting, and you wan’t to give people enough notice, but avoid sending them out more than 6 months in advance. This will also make it easier to know for sure how the seating should be arranged. Almost every wedding will at some point encounter some sort of social unpleasantry, so minimise the risk of having to constantly rearrange seating plans or manage guests invitations, by reducing the time as long as you can.

Read Blogs and Do Research, Get Inspiration

We know, we know! After reading this fantastic article your research will pretty much be complete right? Sure, this a good starting point, but there is so much information out there. Pinterest is the best site to get inspirations from other wedding blogs. It’s often impossible to know what you want until you see it first. So even just browsing through photos of real weddings will get your mind ticking. Here’s a great starting page for your wedding research, offering some great photo inspiration of wedding venues, rings, dresses, floral, food, shoes, cakes, invitations and more.

Micromanaging Your Vendors

This is one of the complaints we hear most from the vendors. We understand it may be tempting to control every single detail of your day, but on the day, these vendors are professionals and it’s best to let them do what they do best. You also want to ensure you keep the vendors happy, as they will do their best work if they’re enjoying themselves as well. If you do your research on your vendors, ensuring they have exceptional feedback and experience, then you have nothing to worry about. Don’t sweat the little things on the day, just enjoy yourself.

Film It!

It’s 2019 people! Ensure you hire a solid wedding videographer, or if your budget is limited – that your photographer is also taking videos on the day. It’s one of the biggest regrets of many newlyweds – not having a video of their wedding vowels, surrounded by everyone important to them. Not only that but a professional wedding video makes an extremely rewarding and fun gift for your guests after your wedding day. After all, many of them may have gotten too drunk to remember it.

Take Potential Vendors Advice

Vendors have been there before, often hundreds of times before. So why not ask them their advice? They can be a wealth of information, hot tips, as well as common mistakes to avoid.

Watch Out for Hidden Costs

This applies to every stage of the wedding planning process. It’s no secret that weddings can be expected to run you tens of thousands of dollars, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be on the lookout to save money where you can. At every step of the process, business owners may try to take advantage of the fact that ‘its the biggest day of your life’. For example, when buying a wedding dress – remember that there are often hidden costs on top. Such as delivery, alterations, undergarments etc etc. So make sure you know what these are before you buy the dress. The same thing goes with wedding venues – ensure you know what the hidden costs are (if any) up front. And if you can, try to lock in a fixed, all-inclusive price per person. Some venues will try to charge you more for extra seating, bathroom facilities or over time excesses so be wary. So simply be on the look out for any service that may have a hidden, extra cost involved.

Have Fun

Most importantly, remember to have fun! If you’ve planned it properly, and used reputable vendors at a beautiful wedding venue, what can go wrong! Sit back, relax and enjoy the best day of your life.

Got any others? Leave any advice to potential newlyweds below!


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